Old Time Entertainment: “My Favorite Husband”

As I said in introducing my blog, I really like classic forms of entertainment, especially from the 1900’s. One aspect of old time entertainment I think should be brought back is old time radio. Yes. That’s right. Radio. Before it was all about the latest music and advertising and talk shows, there were actual shows, just like TV shows, broadcasted on the radio. Talented writers wrote scripts and created characters for these performances, and some very well known actors and actresses voiced these characters.

Thanks to the beauty of the Internet, I came across, almost accidentally, an old time radio comedy show entitled “My Favorite Husband,” which aired from 1948-1951. I listened to one episode and quickly fell in love with the series. The show served as a pioneer series for the beloved TV show, “I Love Lucy,” with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. The main character in “My Favorite Husband,’ Liz Cooper, is voiced by Lucille Ball with co-star Richard Denning, as her husband, George Cooper. Other voice actors featured on the show are Gale Gordon, Bea Benaderet, Ruth Perrott, Frank Nelson, and Eleanor Audley, among others. The show lets the audience listen to the hardships and situations that arise in life and marriage among these two, from Liz’s sensitivity and overall wackiness,to George’s working-man, headstrong seriousness. The show itself, when introduced on the air, is described as “two people who live together, and like it.” If anything, “My Favorite Husband” shows us all what it means to embrace your fun side, surround yourself with the people you care about, and life is really just one big laugh.

Lucy, who’s 100th birthday was this year, in early August, without a doubt, is beloved by many people born in the middle to late 1900’s, even some children born in the 90’s (such as myself) have enjoyed Lucy’s comedic acting skills. Her death on April 26, 1989, was a tragedy to people worldwide. A news reporter even filmed a man getting out of his car in the middle of the road just to touch Lucy’s star in the pavement in Hollywood. In “My Favorite Husband,” she does a fabulous job of depending on her voice to give us her signature funny personality that she and her character share.

Final words, “My Favorite Husband” was the beginning of what would lead the world to love Lucy. DVD’s of “I Love Lucy” have some selected episodes of “My Favorite Husband” on them, and they can also be heard as MP3’s on oldtimeradiofans.com and archive.org, as well as Youtube.


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