Christopher Paolini: Back on the Shelves

I’ve always liked the fantasy genre of fiction and I’ve always enjoyed Christopher Paolini’s “Inheritance” series. I’ve had the pleasure of personally meeting Christopher as well as contacting him through his publishing agency. He’s a very funny and loyal guy, and even a little flirty at times.

First, a little history. Christopher Paolini wrote the first draft of “Eragon” when he was fifteen years old. His family read it and liked it, and they agreed to self-publish it for him. After five years, the book was on the shelves, and Christopher was already working on the second book, “Eldest” which I attended a book release speech and party for at the Free Library of Philadelphia in the summer of 2006, which is where I met him for the first time. I waited in the book signing line for about two hours, and finally his security guard (I want a security guard when I write a best-seller!) handed him my book. He saw the post-it with my name on it and said, “Megan…that’s such a beautiful¬†name! May I use it in a book?” After I felt my face cool down a little, I gave him my permission, although frankly I haven’t seen my name in any of his books. He told me to have a wonderful night and I was swept away by the crowd. Though a small conversation, it was very meaningful to a young fan.

Anyone else who’s an “Eragon” fan probably felt the same way I did when word got out about “Inheritance,” the fourth book in the series following brave Dragon Rider Eragon and his dragon, Saphira. I felt like the buzz for the book died out because Christopher took too long to write this book. Being a fiction writing student, I have some sympathy for him, as I know how difficult it is to write fiction. But as a fan, I’m quite angered with him for making me wait.

I pre-ordered “Inheritance” as an Ebook on my first generation Nook from Barnes & Noble. I know, first generation right? Sooo outdated. Whatever, I love my half- touch- screen little E-Reader friend. It’s better than that joke the Kindle. (A keyboard? Really? This is the 21st century!)

Back to Christopher, my Ebook downloaded to my Nook automatically the day it was released. I just opened it (because I lost my Nook charger) and was happy to see that a synopsis of “Eragon,” “Eldest,” and “Brisingr,” the first three in the series, was present. I think this is Christopher’s little way of showing us that he’s sincerely sorry he took so long to write this book, and was so preoccupied with his life as a kid in his early-middle twenties. In case any fan forgot, “brisingr” is the first magic term Eragon learns from Brom, and it means “fire.”

In a separate post, I will talk about the second time I contacted Christopher through his publishing agency, Random House Publishing. I will say his agent wasn’t thrilled with a sixteen-year-old trying to contact him, while he was in the middle of writing “Brisingr.”


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