People You Meet in a Community College

As you probably know by now, I go to a four year school in Maryland. I’m taking a class this summer at a community college near my town, and I have to say, it’s a whole other world in the world of people who live at home during the college academic year. So, I thought I’d make a list and provide a description of the kinds of people I’ve seen at a community college. 

1. The Smarties– These are the people who have the intellectual capability to go to a four year institution, but choose to save some money by going to community college and planning from there. There is one sub-category of Smarties, called the Indecisives, which are the kids who are very smart, but don’t know what they want to do with themselves, so they just go to community college to stay busy and try to figure things out. 

2. The Workers– These are the people who work full time either during the day or at night and find some time to get some education in their schedule. These kids tend top be much more stressed because they have so much to do. However, Workers are at a sort of advantage because they don’t have time to procrastinate. 

3. The Adults– Either they’re retired and bored, or trying to start over, these are the parents who go back to school. Strange to think it, but you could have a class with someone old enough to be your mother. 

4. The Lowlives– These are the people who literally do not have the intellectual capability to get into a four year school. They come to class high, and leave without opening their notebooks. They ride the public bus back home and sit and watch TV the rest of the day. If they do their homework, it’s nowhere near correct. Whether it’s lack of motivation or a learning disability that is overlooked, these kids can’t get through academic life on their own. 

5. The Gangstas– Kind of in the same category as the Lowlives, but it’s made up of African Americans and other minority races. Don’t get me wrong I’m not racist at all, but there’s a trend in the classes and capabilities the African Americans have. Most of them are a combination of Lowlife and Worker, so we put them in their own category, Gangsta. 

There you have it, the people you meet in community colleges. Happy studies!


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