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My Reaction to Sandy Hook

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut was a truly horrible tragedy. As someone going into education, many have asked me what I would do in such a situation. In my opinion, the true hero among all the madness was Victoria Soto, the young teacher who died when she took a bullet for her students.

There’s an unwritten rule for teachers that when something as serious as a shooting happens in school, a teacher is supposed to protect their students at all costs. Ms. Soto held this rule to her heart as she hid her class and stood up to the shooter. Speaking of the shooter, Adam Lanza, I think it’s unfair that people aren’t acknowledging him as dead. He may have committed a monstrous crime, but he’s still dead as a result of the crime. If you look up a list of all the people who died in the shooting, his name is not there. It has been mentioned by multiple news sources that Lanza had Asperger’s syndrome, and his mother was about to commit him to a care home. A possible motive for the killings was that Adam felt his mother loved her students and the school more than she loved him, which was why she was committing him.

I hope people haven’t started associating Asperger’s syndrome with violent behavior as a result of this incident. Asperger’s is merely a form of autism, in which at times can exhibit somewhat strange and irrational behavior, but not violence. Schools all over the country held meetings to inform students of what would probably happen if such a tragedy was to occur in their building, which is what should happen as we all recover from this tragedy.

The students at Sandy Hook returned to school this morning.The school was moved to a different building for the time being, and they probably have grief counselors on hand while the students and staff recuperate.

Update: Jan 15th- While keeping up with the news on HuffPost, I heard that the school district where Victoria Soto went to high school is planning to name a new elementary school they’re building in the district after her. This is an amazing and well-deserved honor for Ms. Soto’s heroism. Fabulous news. Construction on what will be The Victoria Soto School is said to begin this summer.


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