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The Real Deal: Internships and the Stephen King Challenge!

Well, folks, I thought I’d talk to you all since I realize it’s been quite awhile! I am now in my second semester of junior year, and things ae heating up because I’m beginning Part I of my year-long teaching internship! I will soon receive word on where I will start out my teaching internship this semester. I know it will be middle school students. Oh joy.

I’m kidding, I actually enjoy working with middle school students. They’re going through a tough time emotionally, so I try to see it as students need someone to model for them a supportive environment where they can be open with each other and communicate problems they may be facing as the teenage years get under way. Hey, we’ve all been in middle school, and we’ve all hated it. It’s a learning experience.

Also, my second blog, “In My Unprofessional Opinion” is under way to have more posts, hopefully soon. If you want a good laugh, you should check it out!

In other news, I’ve decided to create and embark on what I call the Stephen King Challenge. Basically, I’m challenging myself to read every Stephen King book ever written, keeping up with new ones, before I turn 30. Why Stephen King? There’s a reason why he’s called the King. From his early works to his works of today, I’ve always been very interested in his work. Horror writing is not my thing, but the way he tells a story is different from any other author I’ve read.


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