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Elementary Schools Destroyed in Oklahoma Tornado

The recent tornado in Oklahoma wreaked havoc and a 17-mile path of destruction, including two elementary schools. Similar to the Newtown shooting, there was a heroic teacher who put herself in harms way to protect the students in school during the horrendous storm. This teacher was Shannon Crosswhite. News sources say Ms. Crosswhite took her students to the bathroom and they took cover in some stalls. She laid on top of them as the tornado ripped through the school, pinning them down with her weight and shielding them from the flying debris. She was wearing sandals, and sources say her feet were scratched up as a result, but no serious injury came to her or the students she was protecting. Though many deaths resulted from the storm, it is comforting to know that students who were in school were wel cared for by people like Ms. Crosswhite. As the country holds their condolences for the citizens of Oklahoma, we thank the brave people who stepped up and helped in the time of crisis.


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